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Objects found inside of the pyramids cannot accurately date the structure.

Science only progresses by keeping our minds open to alternative hypotheses.

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It also suggests that the Pyramid is not the burial place for a king but a centre of power.

It is of no surprise that the Ancient Egyptian section of the Ministry of State of Antiquities vehemently refuted such results, brandishing the archaeologists as “amateurs”, and reemphasising that the Great Pyramid belongs to King Khufu, the second king of the fourth dynasty, and that it was built during his reign to be used as his royal burial place for eternity.

On the contrary, his name appears only once, clumsily scrawled in red paint on a wall tucked away in a small room that was blocked from all access.

If the pyramids of Giza were mistakenly dated based on the period of reign of King Khufu and other pharaohs, it is possible that the pyramids are in fact much older.

Curiously, the shafts inside the pyramids of Giza and the positioning of the pyramids themselves, correspond exactly with the constellation of Orion.

But the perfect alignment between the pyramids and the constellation only occurred in the year 10,500BC.

none of these places has any connection to our ancestors beyond them also seeing these things and being as equally amazed as us modern day humans.

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