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I have actually only met one Egyptian man in my life who can do that.

If they make an error and it is exposed or confronted, they usually go to great efforts to blame the other person or situation.

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received message: I am a foreigner male living in Egypt.

Egyptian men overall are quite wonderful and I personally know many men here who would be great and ethical husbands to foreign women.

3) Monitor carefully if he is able to admit errors without a ritual dance of denial.

And can he apologize quickly without the denial dance.

If he is, that is a sign that he can understand how to properly love and care for a woman because his awareness can understand loyalty and devotion.

It doesn’t matter what is allowed by religious laws or cultural acceptance.

And it is a very cruel thing to do to a woman no matter all the fancy justifications or possible reasons for it.

Would an Egyptian man like it if his wife was married to 3 other men even if it was allowed or there was a good excuse for it? 5) Test him via your communications with other men in front of him.

Even if he is a Muslim he should not like that notion of 4 wives.

The truth is, marrying 4 wives is basically legal cheating.

Now I am not saying that he might marry others after being married to you.

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