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Initial roll-out and implementation of the Commission on Audit project, e NGAS ( Electronic New Government Accounting System) was made on April 24, 2006. 2006-02 dated January 31, 2006 was implemented on July 2006 - - Restatement with Amendments of COA Circular No. The City Accountant gave an informative lecture on Updated Barangay Budget Execution / Forms.

Several bookkeeping personnel underwent a rigid training on the encoding of financial data. 2005-001 on Accounting Policies related to Budget, Accounting and Disbursement Functions in Local Government Units under the New Government Accounting System (NGAS).

It was held on the following dates and venues: August 28, 2007 Vitali - Curuan District Curuan National High Sc August 31, 2007 Bolong - Culianan District Culianan National High September 4, 2007 Ayala District Ayala Sports Center September 5, 2007 City Proper Grand Astoria Hotel 1.

Updates on Sources of Barangay Revenues - Soledad S. Barangay Development Plan, Barangay Investment Program and AIP - Melinda S. Updates on Barangay Budgeting - Virginia SA Gara 4.

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cent, of all the words commonly used in Penn- sylvania Dutch are either English or a compound of English and German, and also because all the youth of our State is taught to read English, and comparitively but few receive any sort of German education.

The English rule is therefore decidedly the best for this purpose.

In coordination with the Office of the City Budget Officer and Office of the City Treasurer, a Flow Chart of Financial Transactions was adopted and disseminated to all City Government Offices for information and guidance. In line with the ongoing Human Resource Development Program of the City Government, the City Accountant and four (4) other Office personnel were made to undergo the Public Service Ethics and Accountability ( PSEA ) Training on November 10-11, 2006 at the Garden Orchid Hotel, this City. The Barangay Bookkeepers along with the City Accountant underwent a three-day Seminar - Workshop on Systems and Procedures on the Management of Barangay Funds and Property last April 30- May 2, 2007 at the Garden Orchid Hotel.

This was sponsored by the Local Government Sector- Sub Cluster 1 of the Commission on Audit. Effective July 2007, the New Government Accounting System for Barangays was fully implemented pursuant to a Memorandum issued by the Regional Cluster Director of the Commission on Audit Sub Cluster 1 , Local Government Sector for Region IX dated July 17, 2007. The City Government of Zamboanga through the initiative of the City Mayor scheduled a yearly Forum on Barangay Fiscal Administration.

But then I discovered my entire incom- petency for such a work, by reason of a lack of sufficient experience to make my spelling of words consistent and uniform.

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