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Our Deus Ex: Human Revolution review will be online tomorrow.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut is the enhanced return to one of the most critically-acclaimed video game franchises of all time.

The Missing Link is set during a narrative gap late in the events of Human Revolution.

While en route to a secret research facility hidden inside a stasis pod, protagonist Adam Jensen is discovered, imprisoned and tortured by officers of private security company Belltower Associates.

Explore the world: Traverse numerous locales across the globe - each with its own distinct art direction -- in Adam's search to uncover a worldwide conspiracy.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link is a standalone downloadable episode for the action role-playing stealth video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

At the start of The Missing Link, protagonist Adam Jensen is stripped of his equipment and augmentations, forcing him to find them again.

His augmentations can be upgraded using collectable Praxis Points.

Absolute fusion of action and role-play: A unique combination of action-packed close-quarter takedowns and intense shooting, offering a vast array of augmentations and upgrades for the many weapons at your disposal.

Multi-solution structure: Choose how to accomplish each mission using combat, hacking, stealth or social mode to create a customized experience to suit any gaming style.

The game tells the story of Adam Jensen, a man cybernetically augmented against his own will; who soon finds himself in the middle of a global conspiracy to which he holds the key.

By offering players the chance to advance through the game in multiple and vastly different ways, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut challenges the foundations of gaming and provides an immersive experience where every choice has a lasting consequence.

Diverse customization: Engage in combat and challenges utilizing deep, specialized character augmentations and weapon upgrades.

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