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Deluge should check that you have all the pieces and then the status should change to seeding. Although, it will still look like "downloading" But I gotcha.

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An email blast went out that proudly proclaimed the news.

An “amazing sequence of unlikely events” somehow led to the data from Demonoid’s Ukraine-based servers finding its way to eager members of the torrent scene. Simply click the link and log in with your summer 2012 credentials and you’re good to go! Unfortunately, they weren’t able to log in to the “new Demonoid.” Instead, they were greeted with a hearty serving of malware.

According to the site's operator, however, new hardware is arriving.

As one of the oldest torrent communities around, Demonoid has run into quite a few rough patches over the years.

It's the "after uploading" part that I don't quite get.

Regards, Marsh After you've created the torrent you need to add it to deluge so that you can seed it.

Easiest way to do this is to tick "Add this torrent to the session" under "Options" when creating the torrent. heh heh Regards, Marshok im assuming we are talking about 1 .torrent file with several trackers listed, and the same torrent file is uploaded to different trackerswouldn't he have to add the torrent again for each tracker he wants to seed to, and change the first tracker on each one?

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