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I was a founder patron of the National Association of People Abused in Childhood.

They got divorced, and a year later, our son Rafferty was born, the first of our three children. Things went well for a while and we were London’s most fashionable couple. It was only some time later that I found out just how friendly they would become . As one nosey parker said at the time: ‘We saw Kimberly Stewart snogging the face off Jude Law.

When we got married a year after that, I thought life couldn’t get any sweeter . But as my career took off, Sadie began to feel left behind. They were really going at it and barely came up for air.’ Well, she was fronting the Specsavers Sepctacle Wearer of the Year awards - and you can’t say much sexier than that.11.

Viewers initially talk to one of a team of trained phone-answerers.

If their call is not suitable for the phone-in, they are given details of relevant helplines and organisations.

In both ways the book has helped me with relating better to my friends and family... Finally this is an invalueable source for you to find further help, either on the internet, by phone, or even writing to Terra herself.

I hope the books a huge success, then perhaps we'll have more of Annie's insightful advice soon ?This book is full of useful information for teens, and presented in a manner that appeals to teens.The illustrations are helpful and specific to different situations common for teens.I do my best to give useful replies on air, but I often call the viewers back afterwards to offer more guidance, and This Morning’s support team are on hand to follow-up cases until we are confident things are improving.I hardly move anywhere at any time without hundreds of readers’ problems, emails and Facebook messages printed out, which I read through and work on at every available moment. I’m on holiday next week, but will be taking a few hundred in my suitcase. Back in the crazy Nineties, I was just 19 when I met sexy Sadie Frost, and knew she was The One. Unfortunately, she decided to tell the world all about it, and as you can imagine, Sienna wasn’t very thrilled. Schnell, schnell, look out, here’s gorgeous Susan Hoecke, an underwear model who was Miss Germany, and who was my beauty queen in August of that year. What do you mean, all these models are a bit obvious? Sometimes, clothes were the last thing on our minds.16. I know I always say this, but I can’t see anything that’s going to stop us being together .

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