David m39s insider internet dating system

One Russian c Hlicn copped what must surely be the all Ume nqwtlsm championship, pulling Maybcwhenthingsgetbadenough, maybewhen . "Either the computer goofed or one delivery made medical history," the depart- mcnl ncft'slcttcrsald. near the Chinese border, 6}ie dropped Into the "beauty" parior pi the railway station lo have her waves ' restored otler her long train trip.

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Since 19GG avcrajjc earnings of non- agricultural writers In Idoho havc'Jmnpcd more than77 per cent.

But tnflallon has almost kept pace, rising over 74 percent.

She's got lo jump oul of a rut which threatens todestroyherahd her children.

Janig arrived in Idaho In June with a 36-ycar- old unemployed houscpalnter whom she mel losl winter in Portland. ■ i She knew then her husband of seven days would check Into the Idaho Slate Penitentiary Dec.

She has her Merry Christmas every day allycarlong, I had a dear grandmother — Mrs, La'j-o Io. My grandmother was al»-ays at Ihc highest delight of her lilc it seemed - If she could got me to come spend the weekend with her as a small child even — and help her- clean her house. " I recall now and perhaps always shall — one day toward evcnir.g Mr, and .

Mrs, Al :il;idland ■ come dovm lo our farm when /Vi came ! 1 had lakcn a big h.,im oul of the homo cured meal barrel, placed it on a special slool low enough for this "lilllo Irl" lo gel at the ham and with meat saw and k alfo in hand I was realty "at tt" preparing tliat for our family of 7's supper. J am a grandmolhcr — my mother Is sllll living — and lives here by us in a small apartment we own — she is very content and well for her 88 years. She feels a sense of securily — and ol being cored for — as is whal everyone craves. Wc are-glad and relieved to have her here close jy and yet she has her own "iiomc" and as our young ones say — "docs bu r own thtog". was the youngest of a large family, so grnndmii Mur- phey was dead before my folks were marr led. My parents came to Filer In 19M and OS (there was next to nothinfi there. I could do that at home even and did .my mother was sick a lot then and me being the oldest girt II fell my lol yoa know lo do these things. SIDE13UNCES' by Gill Fox condom: I STYLE, i; SMjrlln A;:l. It seemed a big thing — but lo mq "Jlis I, the thing to do". Small gifts of coi irsc al Christmas time, huge table ai — oranges, candles, nuts. A HAPPY FACEI ) DAD showing his pride in his family, LHodlcda young man really at 58 In 19U ot Filer.) These things never fade from a child's memorlci^. Janis cries out for a roof over her -head and something more'than h DHog'bin B the refrigerator. She needs a way to break out of the patterns which led her lo a deadend In Twin Falls.

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