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David De Angelo covers a range of topics, from how to be funny, to the personality traits that women love, to body language.He also gives detailed information on where, when, and how to approach women, conduct a conversation, and get a phone number.

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David deangelo double your dating 5

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The first Double Your Dating ebook came out in 2001, and quickly made waves as one of the first ebooks to give real, relatable, and effective dating advice to men.

It has since become one of the most popular dating guides in the world, providing a strong foundation for beginners everywhere.

and screw it up because I was so insecure about my sexuality… In fact, I call this technique “Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”. And they ENJOY the process of getting turned on more and more over time. Chances are this program containts EXACTLY what you need to take your game to the next level, and I guarantee it will work for you as it has for so many other men. I obviously can’t put up the HOURS of incredible feedback that I got, but here’s a sample so you get a feel for what they thought)…

and because I thought she could NEVER find me attractive… I’d get lucky again, and wind up dating a woman that I really liked… and find myself in a situation where an attractive woman was in bed with me… and not be able to even get sexually excited (by the way, this one is the hardest to even admit… And here’s why it works: For a woman, arousal (or being “turned on”) is all about ANTICIPATION. The following testimonials came from guys who were actually in the room for the live filming of this program. you’re pushing away the women you’re most attracted to… And it’s only now, after years of “self development” and learning that I’m able to see my past thinking and behavior for EXACTLY what it was… You may have heard me mention this before, but I didn’t have my first girlfriend until I was 18 years old. If you have the Sexual Confidence to unlock this side of a woman, you really can turn her into a nymphomaniac that is thinking about sex with you ALL THE TIME. That’s right, if you watch it and don’t love it – return it and I give you back all of your money. They notice that boys begin to look at them differently, and treat them differently than they are used to.and, over time, I just got the point where I accepted the idea that those guys must have something “special” about them… The more these other guys “scored”, and the more I score, the more I affirmed that belief in my mind… praying for a chance opportunity to be with one of these seemingly out-of-reach beauties I saw all around me. There’s no doubting the Sexual Power of a what I’m talking about.The book teaches about self-image, self-talk, and how to eliminate the negative beliefs that are holding you back.Once your head is in the game, Double Your Dating gets down to the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to attract women.The final chapters go beyond the initial interaction to cover dating, getting physical, and what to do if you’re interested in a long term relationship.

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