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Also no individual can be categorized by their Sun sign alone.

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And when that sensation takes you over, it’s easy to give too much or to yield too much.

Here we find Libra’s core dilemma—is it better to love or to be loved?

Why chase someone who isn’t really interested—and who can’t be wrapped around your finger? Your desire to be rational is very right-minded, but how do you know what’s really fair in every situation? It can come up with endless, perfectly logical lists of reasons why to do A or B, but without arriving at a clear conclusion. Get good at consulting your emotions, Libra, and decisions—and decisive action—will get easier. Do you ever get the feeling that your Libra is just a little bit. Is the idea of making a decision on his own excruciating for your Libra?

That just throws you—and the relationship—off balance. What will happen when your Libra ages beyond the cute years?

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Knowing your Saturn sign orients you, motivates you and gets you unstuck.

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In it, you’ll discover: The Great Work of Libra is an MP3 recording lasting approximately 45 minutes and costing .97.

If you have Venus or Juno in Libra in your chart, the chances of you dating Librans is very high. Charming, Strategic, Non-Confrontational People born with Mars in Libra would rather not fight. That may sound oxymoronic, but these are the cool Pink Panther types that derive joy out of killing people with kindness.

The angrier their opponent gets the nicer they will behave.

Your Moon sign is the key to experiencing deep emotional well-being and happiness.

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