If your friend implicitly or explicitly is unsupportive or undermining, then you need to either set boundaries with your friend about this behaviour, or at least show your girlfriend you hear and understand her concerns, are aware of the behaviour, and will not let your friend damage the relationship. Are you honest with her, and consistent with your words and actions?

Is it that your friend is still trying to start a relationship with you?

If so, you need to set clear boundaries with your friend that you are not available for a relationship and they need to stop pursuing you.

With time, you will find any irregularities, and you will know things don’t precisely add up.

Make sure that you act on your instincts in case you feel uncomfortable and awkward talking with another member; close that chapter and proceed onwards. The good thing about online dating is that, is that you can block a person.

You can say you work or you go to school but don’t say the exact place. Keep in mind; a few people are great at drawing an obvious conclusion to learn more about you than you intended them to know. Always go slow and take as much time as necessary to becoming more acquainted with somebody.

If somebody appears to be unrealistic, they probably are.

The sort of information that assists you to know the character of a person.

Specific details, which entail your correct address or home or work environment aren’t significant and you ought to be quickly suspicious of any individual who pushes for this kind of information. You can communicate about a lot of things but don’t go into details or specifics.

Is she committed to owning her stuff and working on it?

It's okay for her to have the feelings, and okay for you to offer her reassurance and support working through this. Sometimes jealousy is just jealousy, but often it's a sign of a problem in the relationship. You have a sign, and now you can discover what it means, and maybe fix the problem! It could be worth having some conversations about this.

In conclusion, choose a dating site that is popular.

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