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Mingle2 used to be known as Just Say Hi before it changed its’ name to its’ current title as Mingle2 back in the year 2008.Unlike other dating sites, Mingle2 relies on advertisements on its’ website in order to form the base for most of its’ total revenue.You’ll find that most of the profiles are not very detailed as well as the fact that the search results you get may not give you a good sense of who the membership base is and what exactly they are looking for.

Dating sites flirt premium social dating andorra-50

The name itself of ‘Mingle2’ shows users that the website is for both men and women to ‘mingle’ with each other rather than to find love and romance.

On Mingle2, it’s clear that users are encouraged to flirt, message, and have some dates but these are more superficial interactions which may not lend itself to users forming more serious relationships on this particular website.

The most important part of the profile on Mingle2 would definitely be the ability to put your own pictures up there to showcase.

You can add one or more photos with the more you add, the likelier you are to draw attention from other users to visit your profile page.

With the ‘About yourself’ section, additional information can be included such as your username, height, weight, type of body, race / ethnicity, religion, and your career.

You can also write about your interests, hobbies, and what you like to do in your free time.

The website is only available in English and can only be accessed and used by people located in the United States.

You have to be at least 18 years of age or older to join Mingle2 due to the adult nature of the website.

You will be able to add other users to the ‘favorites’ list that you want to highlight or add them to your ‘friends’ list if you want to keep them around for social or networking purposes.

You’ll be able to send messages to the matches that the website has given to you and you can also receive message from other users too.

Mingle2is a simple, easy-to-use, and free dating website that may not have a big following but makes up for it with its’ quick set-up and useful features.

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