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I was thinking about how to do a blind-date show without using a wall or blindfolds, and the spinning chairs seemed like a great way to do it." Joining Kardashian and Pauly D (real name: Paul Del Vecchio) on the men's side are: Tyson Beckford, Joe Jonas, Dean Cain, Rocco Di Spirito, Warren Sapp, Finesse Mitchell, Romeo, Jeremy Bloom, Jason Cook, Michael Catherwood, Seth Wescott, Parker Young, Ndamukong Suh, Dr.

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My favorite exchange during this rapid fire exchange of wit and intelligence?

Pauly D: So, what do you like to do Tragic Contestant: I like to like party and go outside Pauly D: Cool, me too.

If more than one judge turns his chair around, then the woman can pick her team. After they each have three women on their team, it's time for the quick-question round. Once by Romeo (possibly the former Lil Romeo but I refuse to do any Googling related to this show) and once by Pauly D.

That's where the judges have 15 seconds with each woman to ask her super deep meaningful questions. Because knowing a woman's favorite color is the first stop on the express highway to her soul.

VIDEO: Khloe Kardashian freaks out after Rob woos her best friend "I think there's a big hole in the dating show world," Darnell reasons.

"There hasn't been a new hit since 30 years ago.

The celebs will then spin their chair around once they feel they've met their match. According to series president Mike Darnell, the show is poised to be a smash -- just like ' The Voice.'"It really feels like a hit," he says. The female celebs that have signed on to the new series include Carmen Electra, model Hope Dworaczyk, 2010 Miss USA Rima Fakih, and Sophie Monk.' The Choice' will be hosted by Cat Deeley and will premiere on FOX on Thursday, June 7 at 9PM ET.

, the three stars will join 21 other celebs to mix and mingle with civilian singles in a game show format.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming FOX series will show celebs in chairs listening to "blind" pitches from possible dates over the course of three rounds. It's going to sell all over the world." He also added that the female contestants "took it ridiculously seriously, like they were getting married," while "a couple of the setups really had chemistry."Other male guests set to appear on the show include Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, ' American Idol' season 5 winner Taylor Hicks, Rob Kardashian, Dean Cain and Tyson Beckford, just to name a few.

"What started out as a goof ended up being a ridiculously good format," the network's alternative series president Mike Darnell tells of the series, hosted by — and listen to the sexy singles try to woo them.

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