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If you're interested in personal matchmaking, we offer a variety of service levels and personally tailored search packages and we can discuss these options while we're together during our dating coaching consultation.This guidance explains how to ask users to enter dates. Read the guide on using, adapting and creating patterns before you start designing or building anything.

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However, if we do choose to move forward together with a personal matchmaking program together, this $1995 consultation fee applies toward those higher level services.

In Person Consultation Personal Matchmaking Services are available, by invitation only.

In its never-ending quest to connect you with other working professionals whom you will never again make contact with, Linked In’s product team has released some real head-scratchers in its storied, 14-year history.

From the Microsoft-owned company’s recent Facebook-style news feed implementation to the long-standing encouragement that complete and total strangers “connect” as a way to inflate one’s networking skills, Linked In has become this kind of bizarro social network that everyone outside of corporate recruiters feels compelled to use as sparingly as humanely possible, or only with complete and unfailing irony.

Here’s an example: Never make a calendar control that depends on Java Script as the only input option.

If you need to write a date, use ‘day month year’, for example ‘8 July 2017’. Use ‘to’ in date ranges (not hyphens or dashes), for example ‘8 July to 9 August’.

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Only use a calendar control if users will need to do any of these things: For example, a calendar control might help users who need to book an appointment as part of using your service.

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