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It has double vernier windows set to 30 degrees that read to a minute. Mining transits were used in situations where the operator had to shoot down vertical shafts or odd angles and the horizontal plate would interfere.

The compass needle is approx 3 1/2" and is gold plated. When mounted on either the top or side it projected past the plate to allow the user to shoot that line.

The main scope is 10" long and has a 20 power magnification.

The horizontal limb is 5 1/2" and graduated to half degrees. The 4 1/2" vertical circle is graduated on silver and also reads to a minute. It is designed to mount either to the top of the scope or just outside the standards on the side.

Solar attachments were developed for use in the field to facilitate finding ones location using the sun and horizon much as seafarers would do with sextants or octants.

There use was made necessary where ore deposits would adversely affect the accuracy of a regular compass. The nicest example of a rare instrument that will display very nicely in any number of settings.This instrument was well cared for and shows little signs of use or abuse.This transit is basically the same size and design as the Light Mountain Transit, but was offered during its time for slightly less money.Nearly every holder for small tools on the door is full.The loupe, plumb bob, oil can, and more are all present.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

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