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Ito ang magiging batayan ng susunod nating mga hakbang. Nakakapanlumo ang lantarang holding hands at yakapan ng dalawang lalaking bida. C: Kapag napanood ito ng mga batang lalaki, magiging bakla sila paglaki. Rated SDSPG: Super Duper Strict Parental Guidance B: Nope! Question 3: Ano ang pinakaayaw mo sa ‘My Husband’s Lover? Ang dapat ilagay sa time slot na ‘yan, Batibot, Tropang Potchi o kaya Sesame Street! Your life is better there.’ I mean, no comparison, it’s a no-brainer.” ~Palace spokesperson Edwin Lacierda on groups that oppose the P18,000 doleout to dwellers living along esteros Tags: cbcp and my husband's lover, homosexuality and the catholic bishops' conference of the philippines, national irrigation administration and president aquino, nia administrator antonio nangel, philippine society and politics, political humorof Foreign Affairs confirmed that a labor official in the Middle East was involved in the so-called sex-for-repatriation scheme. Naaalarma ang pamunuan ng Simbahan sa panggabing palabas na “My Husband’s Lover.” Dapat ba tayong maghain ng petisyon laban sa nasabing programa? Piliin ang titik ng sagot na kumakatawan sa inyong pananaw. the ‘negastars’ would say: ‘No, stay in the estero.

dating pangalan ng komisyon sa wikang filipino-70

Some Filipinos are mocking the US government for its failure to track down Edward Snowden. There no longer was ‘supermoon’ on Tuesday evening.

Pati mga kadete, magwawala Kapag naging Fee-M-A ang school nila. Former National Security Agency contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden left Hong Kong over the weekend. One thing’s certain though, he’s now studying how to cook embotido or adobo with the help of Google. ” On Sunday night, the moon was at its nearest distance to earth. Unfortunately, many Filipinos didn’t notice it because the Supermoon was wearing reading glasses. Alam mo dong, ‘di mo na kilangang ulit-uliting talo ako.

Fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana were sentenced to 20 months in jail for tax evasion.

The Fugees’ Lauryn Hill and action star Wesley Snipes also served time for the same offense. ” ————————————————— “We are trained to be employees, but no one said that we have to endure a limited salary that barely keeps pace with inflation.” ~Carlos Roche “Ang tatanggap ng benipisyo sa kanyang kakayahan ay ang ibang bansa hindi ang ating mga kababayan.

sa Wikang Filipino or KWF wants the name Pilipinas changed to Filipinas to promote the official and modern name of the country. Kahit itanong n’yo pa kay Tourism Secretary Mon Jimenez… He’ll drive from North Avenue to Taft Avenue via Edsa on a stormy, Mega Sale rush hour Friday pay day. Told by reporters that weathermen appeared to have been leaving the agency because of low salary, an obviously irked DOST Sec. ” Malacañang admits the government’s master plan to mitigate flooding will be fully implemented in 35 years – or as President Aquino would say, “Another lifetime.” As part of the government’s flood control program, some 20,000 families living near waterways will have to be relocated.

The KWF suggests that the name ‘Pilipinas’ on letterheads, stamps, and notepads be replaced with ‘Filipinas.’ I am not that familiar with the mandate of the KWF but this has to be asked: Anong problema n’yo? —————————————————- “Power is what men seek and any group that gets it will abuse it.” ~Lincoln Steffens are appealing yet again to Malacañang to fasttrack the release of their hazard and longevity pay. Local officials believe NOW is the best time to transfer them.

Rumors say one of the politicians was hoping to prevent himself from getting old. There have been reports of high-profile politicians getting stem cell treatment.

Three high-ranking politicians died after allegedly getting stem cell treatment in Germany. Nabanggit n’yo na rin lang ang concede, anong masasabi n’yo kay Aga na hindi pinalad sa Bicol. No’ng inaway ako ng tiyahin niyang si Amalya, alam kong igaganti ako ng Sto.

Reports identified a certain Assistant Labor Attaché Antonio Villafuerte as one of those involved in the sex-for-repatriation scheme. But unconfirmed reports say he’ll only speak to the media in exchange for you-know-what. Hindi pa tapos ang bilangan, conceited na ako dong.

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