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Specifically, Taurus should: Leo should think about what caused her to fall in love with Taurus in the first place.

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business and dating - Dating leo woman taurus man

When conflict arises, as it's bound to, one or both of these signs will need to bend a bit, and this is something both Leo and Taurus loathe.

This issue of pride is a central theme in a Taurus Leo relationship, and if not dealt with quickly, it can lead to heartbreak and unnecessary pain.

To be clear, if Taurus and Leo want to form a long-lasting, romantic bond, both will need plenty of patience and understanding to make it happen.

Taurus and Leo can make a healthy love match, but it won't be one without work.

Taurus is intoxicated by the heady mix of laughter and love; it's everything he craves.

However, due to Taurus' s fearful nature toward change, and with a propensity towards jealously, he wants to keep Leo all to himself, but this is impossible. This in turn makes Taurus angry, and he turns that anger on the very thing he loves, Leo.

Although Leo is not one to just go with the flow, she will make snap decisions, and that will surely set Taurus's teeth on edge.

As with most relationships, balance is needed if the pairing of Leo and Taurus is going to work.

The Taurus man is proud of his charming and attractive lady like a Leo woman while the female Leo is impressed by his man’s patience and determination.

Although her man is stubborn, his stubbornness makes a good impression on her.

The Taurus man is not fond of spending money too much like the lioness. Though a Taurus man is materialistic, he values money he earns.

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