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She was working toward a masters degree in social work, had a wide variety of interests, was very attractive...

in short, I look back on that period of my life as one of the best! Eventually, though, it became clear that we were looking for different things. And until I read your post and googled the topic I wasnt aware the 70% were unemployed. I work with disabled skiers and other athletes so that has never been an issue with me.

He was employed full-time, played in a band on weekends and could do everything that a sighted person could do except drive.

We dated a little over 2 years and the reason we broke up had nothing to do with his lack of sight.

Sometimes out in public I was reminded he was deaf - there is nothing similar to the white cane to let people know that the person blocking the aisle in the grocery store can't hear you say 'Excuse me.'.

I dated a guy when I was in my 20s who was about 80% blind due to macular degeneration.

She had a Seeing Eye dog that made her very mobile. I dreamed of living in the country while it would be necessary for her to live where public transportation was available. Same with disabled engineers, physicians and others I know.

A great mind, sense of humor are a great start with me. When we lived in Dublin CA we had a neighbor who was blind and she got me back into doing hot water bath canning, and taught me how to read braille and use a braille typewriter.

It wasn't until we all got off the bus and the white canes were brought out that I even remembered.

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