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If one step is weak or prone to failure, the entire downstream process and users are exposed to risk and harm.Clarifying objectives in policy Begin the process by creating a policy or reviewing the language in your existing policy, describing the safety, quality and financial importance of the identification, labeling, copy, graphics and application/selection processes.

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(D) PACKAGED FOOD shall be labeled as specified in LAW, including 21 CFR, 101 FOOD Labeling, 9 CFR 317, Labeling, Marking Devices, and Containers, and 9 CFR 381, Subpart N, Labeling and Containers, and as specified in Paragraphs 3-202.17 and 3-202.18 of this Chapter.

PACKAGED FOOD sold for off-PREMISES consumption in Clark County, Nevada, shall be exempt from nutritional labeling.

(A) Be obtained from a processor with a HACCP system as specified in 21 CFR, Part 120.

(B) Be obtained PASTEURIZED or otherwise treated to attain a 5-log reduction of the most resistant micro-organism of public health significance as specified in 21 CFR, Part 120.24 Process Controls.

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(E) FISH, other than MOLLUSCAN SHELLSTOCK that are intended for consumption in their raw form, may be offered for sale or service if they are obtained from a supplier that freezes the FISH as specified in Paragraph 3-402.11 of this Chapter, or frozen on the PREMISES as specified in Paragraph 3-402.11 of this Chapter, and records are retained as specified in Paragraph 3-402.12 of this Chapter.

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