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When the town fell after a long siege in March 1646, it was counted a great relief to the surrounding towns and villages.

Many of the buildings in Market Street, the town's main thoroughfare, are timber framed.

It lies on the A42 between Tamworth and Nottingham.

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Most of this structure is hidden by later brick facades.

The Bull's Head public house retains its original Elizabethan half-timbering, although most of this was plastered over some years ago and can no longer be seen from the street.

Its products include Hula Hoops, Skips, Nik Naks, Space Raiders, and Choc Dips. Mc Vitie's biscuit factory on Smisby Road closed in 2004 with the loss of 900 jobs.

Other employers in Ashby include Tesco, Ashfield Commercial & Medical Services, Timeline Communications, Eduteq Limited and TAC UK Ltd, a firm of energy consultants.

"We are appalled that the objection of English Heritage, guardians of listed buildings, can be so easily brushed aside." In the 19th century Ashby's main industry was leather working.

There was also a cotton textile factory and a glue factory.In the 19th century its main industries were ribbon manufacture, coal mining, and brickmaking.The town was served by the Leicester to Burton upon Trent Line of the Midland Railway from 1849.Given the tower's prominence and historical interest, there are fears that the additions may damage the tower and detract from its beauty.English Heritage has raised concerns about the amount of alterations to be made to the tower and advised that such plans should be abandoned.Ashby Civic Society has attended every council meeting since proposals were submitted, to protest against the plans.

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