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I might understand if the reason was to provide athletics facilities for the area - but most of those projects also have another running track next to it.

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Namsan is a mountain located within the outskirts of the city.

The city is famous for the annual martial arts festival held in October.

It creates a manmade lake with a vast body of water. Additionally, this area has cherished cave area/springs. The principal reasons being because of the large amount of daylight received and high difference of temperatures.

The growing of apples started 300 years ago from China and it was 1912 when the city officially began to plant trees. There are two universities in Chungju: Konkuk University (Chungju campus) and Chungju University.

Once finished the circuit will be 5.621 km in length, and will be made up of both permanent and temporary sections.

There will be seating for up to 135,000 spectators.

Also of note, UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon grew up here.

During Hideyoshi's Invasions of Korea Chungju was the site of the Battle of Chungju, where the Korean general Shin Rip was defeated by the Japanese general Konishi Yukinaga.

As well as being the home to these two Universities, Chungju also has many primary, middle and high schools with excellent classroom facilities.

There is one international school, Chungju Chinese Elementary School.

What's with the insistence of having running tracks in all those stadiums?

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