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Your energy then contorts itself in order to stay aligned with these false truths. Make it a practice that when you catch your mind going to a place of fear, you will tune to the love channel. See love in the not so obvious places which you’d normally skip over.

I get that these things seem so real to you – you’ve had bad experiences with dating and you’ve had a lot of loneliness; you’ve spent your time wondering about these experiences and you’ve got some stories about What It All Means. When you see (with a kind and loving heart) what you’ve been creating and you gently become curious as to WHY you’ve kept this reality in place, things will shift for you in ways you might not be able to imagine. If you continue to whittle down the possibilities of how love is allowed to exist for you, you will suffer. Feel it, radiate it and expand it into your experience. It’s in the smiles at the store, the chirps of the birdies, the warmth of the sun.

Eventually, I am able to speak to the biggest challenge of all: the ego self that’s often involved in the process. If you are pushing something away, you are inviting it to stay. I want her to be young because it always seems like spiritual people aren’t young. I always get the ones who are too set in their beliefs. It seems like a good idea to stay vigilant about what you don’t want so you can ward off of any future dating evils. They seem to feel inferior, insecure, and envious; sometimes they’re overly impressed by it all.

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But the thing is, if you continue to invest your time and energy in these stories, you will remain a victim. What if you could see yourself as one who is learning to love with the training wheels on? You’ll find it as your beloved doggie tries to distract you with squiggles as you attempt to practice yoga, or when a friend texts you as you’re busy trying to write. Remember, you’ve got training your wheels on 🙂 Don’t wait for some kind of perfect timing when you feel you’ve got yourself more together.

There is never a better time than right now to jump into the pool of love.

Second, a guy will sense that you have already decided he’s the one for you, and he will feel an expectation to deliver when he might not yet be ready. Use those first few dates to simply get to know if you like this guy and if he’s right for YOU.

Taking your time like this is good for several reasons: -You get to make an informed decision about whether he’s worth your time -You prevent yourself from getting too wrapped up in a man before knowing if he IS worth it -You protect yourself from getting your heart broken (if you’re still checking him out and he breaks it off, you haven’t yet determined if he was that great and worth the heart ache, right?

But what you’ll normally encounter is that men take longer to decide when to get serious with one particular woman.

At the beginning, a man is just getting to know you.

It is my greatest longing to help us all wake up and see a bigger picture, to raise our energy higher than that of the ego mind because we are all divine beings. 91.42% of the time, they give me their list of fears and objections. While objections can certainly help you define your list of what you would like in a possible mate, it is NOT a complete statement about what you are wanting. I’ve worked long and hard to get where I am and I am not going to be with someone who is jealous or insecure! You sometimes wonder if it would be easier to lie about who you are than have to go through this.

These are the fears and objections that when held too tightly will narrow down your vibration and ensure you continue to attract exactly that kind of person which you say you do not want. You’re this cool and quirky person and people just don’t get you.

Some days you catch your head in a tennis match: single vs. When you have more than one date with someone, you’re so happy and relieved that you tend to miss certain signals that all isn’t quite as it seems. You’ve been in Limbo Land relationships and it’s such a frustrating experience—there’s this energy present where you feel you aren’t being chosen.

You usually figure this out once you’ve invested a lot of energy, time and money in this relationship. You wonder why you can’t just meet someone who is actually free and available.

) So, even though guys do weird things, this is one instance where you should follow a guy’s lead.

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