Dating filipina lady strict

The parents in turn will introduce their daughter to the gentleman.

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This he will have to do everytime he visits the girl's house.

In the Philippines, when you court a lady, you have to court her whole family as well.

It is expected that a Filipina will play hard-to-get when court because that is the norm.

No matter how much she likes the man, she has to show utmost restraint and disinterest.

At night, he will sing or love songs outside the girls house by the window with a guitar and his friends serving as back ups.

They will sing and wait until the lady finally opens the window and invites them into the house.

A small feast is then held with the food brought by the boy's family.

MODERN Although a lot of our traditional wedding practice is still being observed these days there are modifications and "evolutions" that has been introduced to it that gives it a more modern version.

The Filipino way of courtship is probably among the most romantic in the world.

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