Dating fender stratocaster guitar

Since Fender Japan started, Fujigen has been supplying most of Fender Japan products. Fujigen didn't listen the requests from Fender Japan. As you may know, Fender Japan = Kanda Shokai management.

They have ended the business relations since they have Greco golden time.

Tokai and Dyna Gakki took over the manufacturing contract from Fujigen Gakki.

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The Fender Japan guitar manufacturing contract was originally going to go to Tokai in 1981/1982 but at the last minute Fender choose Fujigen Gakki instead.

Some Fujigen made Fender replica between 19 have necks made by Atlansia.

Early production lot have the serial number on head under Fender logo mark. Terada's "Made in Japan" is different Gothic font from Fujigen used. From 1997, most of guitars were made by Dyna and Tokai as "Crafted in Japan". We could not 100% guarantee about this number guide. This should be a guidance for reading Fender Japan serial.

Squier ranks among the best-known While Fender was not the first to manufacture electric guitars — and larger musical instrument manufacturers had produced electric guitars since the late 1920s — the popularity of Fender's instruments superseded what had dating fender parts before.

I think they are still asking the Japanese Guitar Manufacturers.

However, the parts should be came from outside of be able to take on additional set neck (Gibson like necks) contracts (such as the Orville by Gibson contract).At the result of production delay during this Fujigen new facility expansion, Dyna Gakki took over some of the production of the Japanese Fender models which resulted in a CIJ logo being used on some Japanese Fenders instead of a MIJ logo.Tokai and Dyna Gakki took over the production of the Fender Japan models from Fujigen in 1996/1997.The Tokai made Fender Japan guitars are not exported from Japan but some of the Dyna Gakki made Fender Japan guitars are exported.)I have seen many Fender Japan, the wood materials, to compare with vintage and currentat same pricing level, vintage Fender Japan are absolutely better.

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