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The notes i this fragrance give off a "sweaty vibe" but it's not really an off putting sweaty, it's more of a refined sweaty.....

As complex, and well constructed as this is though.... I live in Florida, and the heat and humidity would make this even more powerful smelling and mixed with actual sweat would really give off a sweaty and funky vibe.

Projection (Sillage): 3 out of 5 – moderate; Only people in your immediate vicinity can smell your scent unless you’re in a particular breezy area!

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It opens up very citrusy but has the hot skin effect from the spices aka the want to snuggle up to you effect the dry down you don't lose the Orange but it gives way to caraway cardamon the smoky manly birch we get fresh vetiver pepper and iris that smells like a crisp $100 bill well played Cartier.

At its base is cedar and a very fresh shower vibe women seem to love maybe that's the tea?

The staff that work in the kitchen are mostly immigrants. Immigrants who thought all they needed to be clean was to have a shower with soap. It's a 10/10 to me because it smells how a man should smell.

This scent takes me back to when men worked and worked damn hard; got home ate a home-cooked meal and slept.

The Indian food phenomena people talk about, I have unfortunately experienced on occasion.

Originality: 4 out of 5 – It’s very original as far I’ve tested.

I think this is definitely for colder weather, but I have tried the "cologne" version of it and it is much milder for warmer weather. This doesn't smell generic, and it doesn't smell like every other popular fragrance out there and that's a good thing.

This ALMOST smells like it could be a niche perfume.....because I can see how this wouldn't appeal to everyone.

@TRM1984 your review is excellent, I hardly have much more to add; I have gotten this cologne for a couple years and I can't believe I haven't written anything about it, since I got most of the declaration flankers.

I like it a lot although my favorite is the D'un soir flanker, and I get that "sweaty vibe" which in my opinion it makes it very masculine and for men like me who barely get any sweaty smell is just perfect. I can't say I'm a big fan, but I can appreciate it's originality.

I reckon it work for both men and woman of ages above 30. Packaging (Bottling): 4 out of 5 – Much thought seems to have gone into the packaging; it’s attractive and highly functional.

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