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Or, most likely, you have a marriage with no obvious defect of form, which needs to be fully investigated to determine if it was valid. Whomever coordinates annulments will listen to the details of your particular case, and tell you what steps you need to take. Just because you apply for an annulment doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get one.

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So you’re going to have to go down to this office here, ask to speak to this person, and start the process of letting my Church ask you, and your ex and all of your family and friends, highly personal and invasive questions about every aspect of your relationship. But if you are already seriously involved with someone who is divorced—of any faith —that is exactly the conversation you need to have. Because the best time to find out if you can actually marry each other is before you fall in love—not after.

Mary Beth Bonacci is an internationally known speaker.

Marriage between a man & woman in the Catholic Church is a sacrament. Annulment simply says that a true, sacramental marriage was never created in the first place — it was never valid.

Catholic annulment declares that a couple didn’t have some ingredient necessary for a valid marriage.

Or will you, as many do, choose your beloved over your faith, marry outside the Church and cut yourselves off from the sacraments?

I realize this all gets trickier when it’s your beloved who was previously married.

He was previously married to a Buddhist woman in a civil marriage. We had a Catholic priest just do the marriage ceremony and we did not have the full on wedding mass.

The guy that I am dating was raised Anglican, but not baptized.

If the tribunal finds that yours was validly contracted—then, you’re married in the eyes of the Church, and hence won’t be able to re-marry in the Church as long as your current spouse lives.

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