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He also says Jason Collins was a Tags: advice, announcement, coming out, darren young, gay, homosexuality, interview, jason collins, matt lauer, sports, terrified, today show, tv news, video, wrestler, wrestling, wwe Hooray Henrys had one hell of an opening night, and seems to be a new beacon in L. Plus NBA star Jason Collins and Adam Lambert were there at the opening, so it MUST be a fab place! ), Jason is the first openly gay member of the NBA, and we all know Adam Lambert already! They weren't there together, but were happy to meet! Marky Hutt shared his story on Twitter last month, claiming he was called to Travolta's room at the Hyatt Hotel in Rochester, New York back in 2010. Hutt says he obeyed until the actor "eventually ejaculated" all over his jeans -- evidence the masseuse claims to have saved in a brown paper bag to this day! Watch this video in full HERE: Taylor won't be streaming her new album - and Perez Hilton feel very strongly that's a BAD move!

Upon entering the room, Hutt says he found the actor naked under a towel watching gay porn on his computer. Hutt claims he then told Travolta he was cutting the session short, causing the actor to go into his luggage and dig out close to ,000 in hush money. Taylor's team is being very aggressive against the media!

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CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Stars Who Came Out In 2013" CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Stars Who Came Out In 2013" CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Stars Who Came Out In 2013" CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Stars Who Came Out In 2013" CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Stars Who Came Out In 2013" Tags: bob harper, charice, dustin lance black, gay gay gay, gifs, jason collins, jodie foster, michelle rodriguez, photos!

, raven symone, robbie rogers, robin roberts, tom daley, wentworth miller It looks like the world of sports still has a VERY long way to go when it comes to embracing gay athletes.

Nothing warms the heart like a little love & basketball, right guys???

After coming out to become the first openly gay NBA player, Jason Collins has been extremely busing doing pretty much everything BUT playing basketball!

Or maybe he was still trying to figure out why Drake was so dang sad! Either way, he managed to make LAX look like the happiest place on earth! Ch-ch-check out more pics of the big man having a blast at the airport (below)!

[ Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The love-fest for Darren Young continues! And it’s fantastic to see so many companies showing their support this year.My favourite came from Skittles who lost their rainbow for Pride Month. To find out more about Gay Pride in London, head here.About halfway into the massage, Hutt alleges the star "proceeded to rub my ass and grab my crotch." The masseuse says he repeatedly told the actor "NO" and let him know he was uncomfortable, to which Travolta allegedly responded by offering him more money to keep going. The masseuse says he contacted the local police shortly after the encounter, but claims they "did NOTHING" about it. Read his full account below: [ Taylor Swift vs her fans! Diplo is bashing Taylor Swift and he's right a bit but also very wrong! UPDATE PM EST: Following the initial report, Rosie has denied the relationship and insists she and Tatum are just friends after having met while both filming shows for OWN back in 2011.We're not used to seeing celebrities in such a good mood at the airport, so what can't help but wonder what was on Jason's mind! Chelsea Handler hates masturbation - but we love it!

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