Dating chance ru

Tyler kissed Taylor at a New Year's Eve party, but Shannon supposedly let it go.

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They are officially dating now and have been for a while.

Hannah Hannah did not connect with her perfect match (Tyler), but she and another cast member who she had a connection with (Ozzy) tried dating after the show. They both posted on social media about what happened, but no one is quite sure what exactly went down.

She also still keeps in touch with many other cast members and is currently single.

Kathryn Kathryn’s perfect match (Andre) was obviously busy with Taylor on the show, so Kathryn was unable to make a connection with him.

Hannah is supposedly single now, but seems to be doing fine.

Gianna and Hayden These two were a confirmed no-match since week one of AYTO.

Kam is single and said she just wants to focus on herself and her career.

Kari Kari is still very good friends with her perfect match (Michael), but they are not dating.

Carolina and Hayden spent time in the honeymoon suite during the show and he supposedly led her on.

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