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I own a cheat Zippo just because I felt like buying one. It showed the bottom stamp with the Zippo logo on it.

Also, I looked on some websites about counterfeit Zippos.

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One of several award selections for plant having achieved 'XXXXX' number of man-hours without a lost time accident. According to that page, the Westinghouse Transformers lighter formerly belonging to my Dad is circa 1933.

I have to guess it was a gift to him, as he was only 12 in '33 and didn't enter the electrical industry as an engineer until '47.

I'd be running up the river full speed and lighting up a stogey while driving with one hand. Several, I don't know what they'd be worth then or now. My point is I guess you either got a heck of a deal or you just got what you paid for. The Roman numerals aren't a measure of quality, they simply tell what year the lighter is from. Not to add fuel to the fire (pun intended) but after looking at my Nat Sherman Zippo, all I found was a J on the left of the trademark, and 02 on the right.

Nothing but lighter in the wind and no windsheild on the boat. Lit every time and only went out when you closed it and never leaked fluid in your pocket. Naptha soaked watch pocket burning a hole in your crotch. IIRC the 13's one of them I know was about 30bucks when it was givento me in 1994. Since I was roman numeral-less, I thought I'd check out some site to see what's up.

For additional questions regarding delivery, please call 1 (866) 455-1846.

Costco Business Centre products can be returned to any of our more than 700 Costco warehouses worldwide.

Whether or not the fact I paid maybe for it means it's a "real Zippo" it's always a reliable strike, looks good (plain metal shell without any design or logo, which is why it took forever for me to find it), and is definitely an eyecatcher among a bar or club scene stocked with cheapo Bics. good links...never claimed to be an expert on Zippos.

See a girl go for her pack, get ready for the flick, and that unmistakable sound of the cap flying open is right there. I've got several and according to the markings and when I got them and the prices I quoted it seems that everything is about right.

On the counterfeit zippo they show, it has I own a cheat Zippo just because I felt like buying one. It showed the bottom stamp with the Zippo logo on it.

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