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His kids are afraid of bees, but they like what they produce."It is sweet and it pays their school fees," he said.

"Most people burn grass to make hunting easier, or they cut trees for firewood," he explained.

Violet Makoto, the spokeswoman for the government's Forestry Commission, told DW in an interview that the beekeeping project had drastically reduced wildfires and deforestation in Zimbabwe.

"In Zimbabwe, we now want the beekeeping concept to maintain a stronghold as one of the projects that communities must take up, until we get to a level where we totally eliminate the problem of veld fires and cutting down of trees," said Makoto.

Alternative livelihoods best logging deterrent According to official figures, the country had been losing 1.5 million hectares of forest a year until 2015.

"It gets me motivated," the 39-year-old soft-spoken beekeeper told DW as his children watch from a distance.

After that, he checks to see if there any hives are ready for harvesting.

From the bottom of my heart this me sending my deepest gratitude. What you are doing here is truly community service, community building and, may God bless everything you do in that humble spirit...

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"This project has changed not only the lives of people in this community, it has managed to preserve trees," said Lawrence Nyagwande, the field officer for Environment Africa in Manicaland province.

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