Dating as friends first

While attraction is definitely still a factor, using a photo to form your first impression can potentially impair your judgment; for example, you might give a profile more deliberation than it deserves because the person is attractive.

You won’t be able to close your eyes at the pictures entirely, but simply setting out with a different goal in mind might cause you to look at everything slightly differently.

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Physical attraction, or more specifically, chemistry, is absolutely important in a romantic relationship, and one of the reasons meeting in person as soon as possible is encouraged.

However, there are many factors in a successful relationship, and chemistry is just one of them.

But why do you think a friendship with your significant other will actually increase the odds you will have long-lasting love?

More from Your Tango: Tips For Healthy Relationships When I surveyed 100 happy couples for my book, , friendship and quality time together are in the top 20 factors the couples themselves said are important to their relationship success. We really listen to them, attempting as best we can to understand their position.

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Too often in our romantic relationships, we play a different role. In the beginning, we treat our partner like the best friend we ever had.Perhaps you should use the time to identify potential friends, instead.The chances of finding someone with whom you’ll share a physical spark might be similar, but perhaps you’ll walk away with a few platonic friendships, as well.Start today and you will feel better and there’s a great chance your relationship will improve dramatically as a result. To stay in touch with Kim, go to The Relationship Center, sign up for her email list, and receive her free report on Relationships from the Inside Out.Chances are, when you sign up for a dating site, love is your primary focus, not friendship.Adding those two responses together, 70 percent of respondents found those to be important factors. Even when we think our friend might be wrong, we defend him or her, nonetheless. We support them through dark times and encourage them to always be the person they are meant to be.

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