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You can even replace your drapes along with the hardware for a total revamp of your living space.

Our pewter finish is so versatile that you can choose any color and style of curtains.

They will have nursery rhyme motifs and alphabet letters.

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This will provide additional space to attach the mounting brackets and allow the finials to extend beyond the edge of the window.

To care for your new hardware properly, we recommend wiping the surface clean with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Look no further than the Vintage and Antique Pewter Window Hardware we have at Pottery Barn.

New window hardware is a quick way to change the look of an entire room.

The underside reads- '3 OZ' then a number '7' then 'War' (with the 'a' and 'r' atop a big 'W') then a circled '92' a little British symbol and one that looks like a swatch of fabric. As the Goldsmiths of the day protested over the use of the pewter "hallmarks" many are hidden or placed in difficult to read positions on the piece in question... In medieval times and up until the mid seventeenth century, the composition of the pewter alloy was specified by the Worshipful Company of Pewterers in London.

It also reads 'Mad in Sheffield- English Pewter.' I'm sure that anyone who knows anything about antiques (or, perhaps, England's military history) can enlighten me. It is a complex subject and most times, requires piece of pewter in one hand and a book in other hand, at the same time being surrounded by mountains of other books and that's just to date the pieces .... There were two grades: Fine pewter and Lay metal or trifles.Complement your new hardware by selecting accent items like a pewter lantern or a wall mirror to tie the entire room together.Choosing pieces of decor with a similar finish is a simple way to show your guests that you carefully selected each and every item.To ensure you have the correct size, carefully measure your window prior to purchasing.To ensure you get full coverage across the window, be sure you select a rod that is several inches longer than the window itself.Even pewter made in the 1930s and 40s, in the old forms, such as porringers became collectible. Married pieces and outright fakes began showing up at shows and shops. Auction prices for early 19th century pieces with authenticated American makers marks sell in the low hundreds. Punch marks or touches include symbols, initials and makers or owners names punched into the pieces. Ecclesiastical pieces that were part of church ceremonies included flagons, beakers, basins and candlesticks. Invest in one of the many books with illustrated pewter marks.

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