Dating aluminia faience

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The shape number has also been impressed into the piece.

, this pattern, n° 870, and n° 719 are the only patterns in the Baca series used on more than 10 vases and other kinds of objects.

This grouping of three faience pieces from the Royal Copenhagen / Aluminia line Tenera designed by Nils Thorssen in the 1960s has a wonderful aura.

These three were decorated with organic stylized floral motifs by three women artists, all Danes and designing for Royal Copenhagen.

The taller vase is by Inge-Lise Koefoed and has a different design on each side.

Among the artist's signature and other marks it is marked Aluminia.

Vase model n° 3121 – 190(h) x 145 x 85 mm Nils Thorsson for Aluminia/Royal Copenhagen (1975-1979) Vase model n° 3259 – 223 x 75 x 75 mm Nils Thorsson for Aluminia/Royal Copenhagen (1975-1979) Vase model n° 3455 – 183 x 60 x 60 mm Nils Thorsson for Aluminia/Royal Copenhagen (1969-1974) Nils Thorsson In his studio in 1972 (Image from the book “The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory 1775-1975” Published by Royal Copenhagen, English Edition 1975 – ISBN 87-980342-1-9) and Thorsson’s signature.

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