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“Movie X was simply a hobby and we never had any intention of bringing the torrent community and my families name to shame.

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Speaking to Torrent Freak, one of the sentenced brothers says he regrets his wrongdoings, but also wants to refute many of the false claims that are currently being spread by the media.

With a claimed 400,000 registered users, Movie was one of the largest semi-private Bit Torrent trackers on the Internet in 2008.

According to the brothers there was never any intention to cash in at the expense of its users, or steal the money and run away.

There were issues, and not everyone may have been a fan of the site, but the site was not setup as a business at all.

Two brothers from Brisbane, Australia who operated the popular private Bit Torrent tracker Movie X have barely escaped a jail sentence.

The two were arrested late 2008 for facilitating copyright infringement and both pleaded guilty.

But, at the same time he’s also very disappointed with how their case is being presented in the media.

“I would like to point out that me and my brother have learnt our lesson.

This week the case against the two brothers finally came to an end.

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