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“That is of course quite an impossible suggestion,” he wrote to his nephew, who had conveyed an American publisher’s suggestion that the great man write his life story.

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Sadly she doesn’t relate her mother’s reaction to her sunburned, war-weary face on her return.

In August of 1929, Sigmund Freud scoffed at the notion that he would do anything as crass as write an autobiography.

And there is the poignancy of a sapper who has to have his leg amputated, saying: ‘I didn’t think this would happen to me.’ One never does.

This long, drawn-out horror makes the final triumphal march into Germany all the more of a relief to read about.

In Syria in 1941, for example, Anita did a spell of work delivering the troop newspaper, the Eastern Times, through snow and mud to units living in intense discomfort.

The paper was ‘set by Arab boys who couldn’t read a word of English. Headlines were back to front and words upside down’.

—things were a bit more complicated: A psychologically complete and honest confession of life, on the other hand, would require so much indiscretion (on my part as well as on that of others) about family, friends, and enemies, most of them still alive, that it is simply out of the question.

What makes all autobiographies worthless is, after all, their mendacity.

The boy’s father, a dentist, cradles his daughter, also badly injured, as the ambulance drives to hospital. Anita’s account of the Colmar Pocket is vivid: it was an island of stubborn German resistance in Alsace, surrounded by liberated territory, where a battle was fought in blinding snowstorms.

She witnessed people dying ‘in fountains of scarlet snow’; civilians and soldiers and ambulance drivers were killed.

When two of Anita’s great ambulancière friends, Lucille and Odette Lecoq, are killed in cold blood by German villagers, she thinks she’s seen the worst of humanity.

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