Dating a girl 17 years younger

Find out the answer to Janet’s burning question on this instalment of Ask the Experts.List of Famous Men Who Married Much Younger Women, loosely ranked by fame and popularity.

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Why do you think so many men choose to marry women who are half their age? Larry King married Shawn Southwick in 1997 when he was 64 and she was 38. King has been married seven times previously to six different women.

Listen to Larry and Shawn discuss the craziest thing to happen in their marriage . Age: 83 Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America Profession: Talk show host, Journalist, Radio personality, Actor, Voice acting, more Credits: Larry King Now, Larry King Live, We're Back!

Our resident dating expert, Gaynor Evans, is back with another insightful Ask the Experts series.

This time Gaynor is taking on a question from Janet in Darlington.

The couple are still married today, and their first child was born in 2012.

Martin has been married once before to the actress Victoria Tennant.Now it turns out that Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story) is dating someone 32 years older than she is. Get entertainment, celebrity and politics updates via Facebook or Twitter. Bradley Cooper was with a woman 17 years his younger. The Olsen twins are both with men nearly 20 years older than they are. Janet is dating a younger man, 16 years her junior to be exact.

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