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I like when you said Mango Juice,,,, one dollar ,,,, :-) Best Drama ever i gave u my word this drama is most watch, don't mind with how the rating sart i see that people didn't notice these drama at first ahhhhh that's y the rating sart low....each episode make me soo excited. overall, a very satisfying watch, thanks to the whole production team and all the actors for bringing us this beautiful drama.

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And I really like the ending and how properly everything is tied at the end. This is one of its kind revenge melodrama you will remember! hats off to all the characters even the supporting roles gave an outstanding performance...meutong was so good in giving out the comic in this show.devil baek eun do was so good in his role that you will really hate him.2nd lead role was so good that you will love him and hate him at the same time.. how many actors can be boy next door and ruggedly hamdsome at the same time?! and i have to thank the writer and director in ensuring that every episode give you all the feels.. definitely on my top list of my kdrama favorites if not no. even i must re-watch more than 3 times on first episode because i can't understand it. T the memmorable scene when found her sister jisoo was blind and its make me cried :""( . I don't see the character's name in the actor/actress listed below? Many things do not happened like this in real life. Although I read soompi that Lee Jin-Wook and Moon Chae-Woon worked hard on scenes together, I somehow sensed uneasiness between them..observe the way they hugged...many scenes too.

Everything is pretty much predictable and you can see from far the twists before it unfold -- but I still enjoy it nonetheless. min su jae delivered his character so great that despite his greed he can pull off that love in his eyes for his beautiful wife... i was like on roller coaster when watch this drama ^^ BLACK SWAN ~~ THANK U ^_^ I watched this entire show, except still have the last 2 episodes to watch. His name was mentioned several times through out the show. Although its drama and fake, we enjoyed the show like its a story rolling in front of our eyes or else we must as well read a book.

Yu In-Young should be given more challenging roles in future...she's pretty, but most of her roles are similar so I always see the same expression.

Lee Won-Jong is so funny and Jeon Kuk-Hwan really frightened me..done.

love the OST much, the best one !I cried a lot at eps 19 and 20, two thumbs up! Song Jae-Rim is so cute. I remember when he agreed to do We Got Married he wanted people to side his sense of humor as most of his roles he had done were serious. everything felt so real, their love,sorrow,passion ...

The Korean shows always seem to have a similar theme. I have never seen any couple with such a chemistry, and I must admit the kiss scenes was the best in all Korean dramas!It was kind of real kiss, so much feels in it !I will miss this drama ...I noticed in the early episodes that Ji-Ryoon turned it over on his desk when Black walked into his office.And when Black asked Ji-Ryoon "if he knew anything about his dad's will," he said "he didn't." But was looking at it after Black left. @kraze, I think Lee Jin Wook has acted very well, he has so many different parts to act in this drama, he smiled,played funny,sad,cried,endured his pain,and his awecome thrilling action scenes.On the contrary, this is the best one for me,I rewatch it for 3 times.The writer tried best to let us easily catch the plot by flashing back the scene or explaining it in detail, I love it , thanks a lot ! All the main actors here not acting as good as their previous dramas .love love Sun Jae's and Mari's love story have been playing all their parts from episode one to twenty the actors' acting were daebak too hope they will also win/be recognised for the best/favourite couple award I love to watch you more n more , Chaewon ssi... I am on my 3rd time already and I am far from done. Love how black stayed true to his love for swan even with his.......?

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