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If you are calling the API from browser-based Java Script, you won't be able to influence the Your client will probably need to log in to Media Wiki, possibly via its own user account. Please also read: API: Etiquette If your requests obtain data that can be cached for a while, you should take steps to cache it, so you don't request the same data over and over again.

More information about rate-limiting, concurrency, and general API etiquette can be found at API: Etiquette.

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Some clients may be able to cache data themselves, but for others (particularly Java Script clients), this is not possible.

Per the HTTP specification, POST requests cannot be cached.

This parameter tells the web service API that we want information about a particular revision of the page.

Since we're not specifying any revision information, the API will give us information about the latest revision — the main page of Wikipedia as it stands right now.

It provides direct, high-level access to the data contained in Media Wiki databases.

Client programs can log in to a wiki, get data, and post changes automatically by making HTTP requests to the web service.

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