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For logistical reasons, the time zone may be central European, cars may drive on the right, and speed limits might be measured in km/h, yet prices are in sterling, plug sockets are three pin, and words such as ‘Piccadilly’, ‘Trafalgar’, and ‘Nelson’ are splattered liberally across local signage.

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A visually strong relationship with Britain helps draw this distinction, including arch-monarchist leanings dating back to the Queen’s historic visit in May 1954, as well as the fact that Gibraltar airport only flies to UK airports.

‘England is closer to Gibraltar in many ways,’ continues Canessa.

‘It was always on the back burner, but it wasn’t a priority.’Indeed, prior to 1908 there wasn’t even a fence across the isthmus.

Gibraltarians and Spaniards alike were free to cross the land at will (it was only the smuggling of tobacco using dogs which prompted the fence to be constructed, a practise which continues – without canines – to this day).

‘We are as British as someone from Wales; we have a flag, we have an accent, we have different traditions, yet we’re still part of the United Kingdom.

But it’s partly the need to visibly demonstrate that we are not Spanish.’ Indeed, the interviews also revealed a tendency for Gibraltarians equally to distance themselves from Britain when it feels appropriate, by emphasising their European-ness when overseas, especially when in the UK. ‘The Gibraltarian sense of identity is that we’re not English, and we’re not Spanish.

Despite its age, Utrecht remains our leading legal text in this impasse.

‘We are left, unfortunately, with a treaty that’s 300-years-old,’ says Gareth Stockey, lecturer in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at the University of Nottingham.

‘There was a recognition in Gibraltar – which London seems to have been slightly slow to realise – that outside of the EU, it’s much harder to defend Gibraltar’s case.

On occasion, when Spain has caused trouble over Gibraltar, Britain has been able to use its influence within Europe to apply pressure on the Spanish to behave more reasonably.

the furore surrounding last year’s EU referendum, Gibraltar, situated one thousand miles from the mainland British coastline, could understandably feel aggrieved to have received so little attention during the campaign.

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