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Many industries and companies rely on Cleopatra Enterprise, due to its flexibility and the availability of various knowledgebases.

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It is the only tool integrating true cost estimating, cost control and project analytics.

As an independent and reliable provider of total cost management software for more than 20 years, Cleopatra Enterprise has been a stable factor in an otherwise turbulent market.

This results in reliable and trustworthy estimates in every phase of your project.

To develop a good cost estimate reliable cost data is needed.

Cleopatra Enterprise is developed in accordance with the Recommended Practices as published by the AACE International.

This ensures that your estimates are based on proven methodologies that are accepted by the industry worldwide.

This results in a total cost management solution that enables you to close the loop between cost estimation and cost management.

With Cleopatra you are able to seamlessly translate your final cost estimate into a suitable control document.

Complex projects make a distinction between different phases.

Each phase requires a unique set of approaches and methods in order to come to a reliable cost estimate of the project.

Cleopatra offers all the latest techniques, such as location factor tables, smart cost models and flexible breakdown structures.

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