Consolidating google apps domains

The recommended course of action is to migrate all your Google Apps users onto one domain where they can actually collaborate using Google Classroom.Backupify’s Migrator for Google Apps can move your Google Apps for Education users onto a single domain.

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Eventually, Google is going to allow Google Classroom to support multiple domains—but that solution could be year away.

I have one domain for which I use Google Apps (Standard Edition) to provide email.

I've recently started another website at another domain, and I want to also use Google Apps (again, Standard Edition) to provide the email for this new domain.

Do I need to go through the entire registration process again and create a whole new Google Apps account for the new domain, or can/should I add it on to my existing services? However, there are some things I think I should say about that approach.

A surprising number of schools jumping on the Google Classroom bandwagon are faced with a significant technical dilemma: Google advised them to set up their Google Apps with subdomains, but you can’t yet use subdomains with Google Classroom.

For those who haven’t heard of it, Google Classroom is an enhancement to domains running Google Apps for Education (GAFE).If you own multiple Internet domains, you can associate them all with your organization's Google Account at no extra cost.Depending on how you add the domain, users can have an identity at one or more domain. And you manage them from the same Google Admin console. A domain alias is a domain name that can be used as an alternate name for another domain.When used with a Google Account, domain aliases can either give users an email address at another domain.Or they can be used to set up dual email delivery, for example, if you want to test drive Gmail against your legacy mail program.Unfortunately, if you have faculty and students on separate domains, Google Classroom won’t allow you to collaborate.

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