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For a bit more on the Consolidate function, see Expert Skills Lesson 2-5: Consolidate data from multiple data ranges.

The easiest way to solve this problem would be to move away from your current model of splitting the data into separate sheets and instead keep all of the data on a single sheet.

Earlier we have learnt how to consolidate data from multiple worksheets in the same workbook.

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Data consolidation refers to the collection and integration of data from multiple sources into a single destination.

During this process, different data sources are put together, or consolidated, into a single data store.

Hello again, I am trying to use the consolidate function at the beginning of every month but, I have noticed that there has to be information in every sheet for this to work correctly.

Here is my question, is there a way to consolidate these sheets with no data in them, and just add scores week by week and have them linked to source data?

Specifically, you might want to take a look at the following lessons: Expert Skills Lesson 5-1: Create a pivot table Expert Skills Lesson 5-6 Apply a simple filter and sort to a pivot table Expert Skills Lesson 5-7 Use report filter fields While this is the approach that I recommend taking, there is a 'secret' Excel feature that allows you to create a consolidated pivot table from several sheets.

If you use this along with the Tables feature, you can create a pivot table that will automatically pick up new rows from every sheet, as well as updating existing rows.

This allows us to paste data onto separate sheets within the same workbook.

We then switch back to our main workbook and select the sheet where we want to paste the data, I have assigned this to the variable called “str Where To Copy”.

Sub Get Data() Dim str Where To Copy As String, str Start Cell Col Name As String Dim str List Sheet As Stringstr List Sheet = “List” On Error Go To Err H Sheets(str List Sheet). Select ‘this is the main loop, we will open the files one by one and copy their data into the masterdata sheet Set current WB = Active Workbook Do While Active Cell. If you want to learn how to develop applications like these and more, please consider joining our VBA Classes.

I have also made use of UDF (user defined function) to find the last cell in the column that we specify.

Open str File Name, Update Links:=False, Read Only:=True Set data WB = Active Workbook Range(str Copy Range). We open the data workbook by using the Application. Next we select the data that has been assigned to the copy range and copy to the clipboard.

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