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“It’s going to be unlike anything that America’s ever seen,” Robertsdale rodeo cowboy Cody Harris said recently. It’s original.” Harris is one of 10 “Sweet Home Alabama” alumni taking part in the new show, and he’s part of an Alabama contingent that comprises fully half the field.

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(Jack Harsh/CMT) MOBILE, Alabama -- Even by the anything-goes standards of reality TV, “Sweet Home Alabama” has been a whirlwind ride: In less than a year, producers have cranked out three seasons of the show, a hit for cable music channel CMT.

Produced mostly in Baldwin County, the romantic competition with the city-versus-country theme has been a showcase for the charms of Lower Alabama.

“That’s what I went in for, but I was very skeptical of whether it would work or not,” she says. I’ve watched the shows enough to know it’s definitely not a recipe for love.

But I was definitely willing to give it a try.” If nothing else, Grissom has made a lot of new friends.

“I never would have met any of these guys in a million years, and I’m so grateful for that,” she says.

“I still have some sort of relationship with all of them.

Standing, from left: Courtney Wilkerson, Tristan Smith, Cody Harris, Landon Chase, Michael Dean, Cassie Rupp and Jeff Miranda.

Seated, from left: Kristina Kraus, Collin Varallo and Devin Grissom.

“They actually got to come down and meet some of the guys.

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