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He's planning on attending Vintage Motorcycle Days in Ohio July 7-9, 2017 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. We hope to get together there -- still working on the details. He expects it to be completed in the next few months. Hopefully it won't be as boring for y'all as it is for me (16 years is a long time to run the same things).

He's still busy editing 'The Divide', learning, and loving what he's learning, as he goes. When I hear from P, I'll ask him since it's kinda dead in the water without his help/input and after 16 years, he might not want to deal with it any more. I'll run old photos for the 'Photos' page for a while since there are new people out there.

It's an awesome idea, something completely "un-hollywood". We talked about APK and he said to "let it rest until I'm ready". Peace to us all, Deb "I finally started to start re-cutting the film (The Divide) entirely from new so I've got a new editor and this is our logo at this point for the production company which I'm really happy with." And: "Here's my horse Dutch in a painting app (Waterlogue) that Kiki my Granddaughter had me buy. " As I said, he's sending me pics to use on the Photos page (I hope to get that Riptide one ripped down SOON! We sold our farm, moved to Tennessee, built a new house, I got a job... So, look for a change to the 'Photos' page [FINALLY!!! I've missed this place -- I've missed you guys -- and am MORE than ready to jump back in the groove again. ;) 2015 is flying by so fast already -- I can't believe it's almost May 1st!

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The film is a period piece capturing the time of contact with California Tribes along the American River and the ensuing rush for land and gold and the themes of enslavement and ultimate survival.

The film feature tradtional language of Tlingit and Nisenan, and special thanks to our language translator Alan Wallace.

His plate's going to be full to running over and I know he won't have the time to keep me updated like he has in the past. The last 9 months of my personal life have been filled with many changes and turmoil and I'll admit it's been more than tempting at times to turn off the lights and shut the door, but I can't bring myself to do it just yet. There will be some changes this year -- the 'Photos' page probably won't be changed monthly.

I've used the same stuff for more than 14 years and no matter how many new followers APK gets over the years and it's new to them, the same stuff is the same stuff. Starting in March, I'll be putting most of my time and effort into packing up, selling our farm and moving to our retirement property in East Tennessee as my husband retires in February.

P got Suzy's old i Phone [which was a hoot to watch him try to navigate, after having a flip-phone for YEARS] and I admired his screensaver [a shot of them both -- so sweet! He asked if I wanted it, Suz emailed it to me but it never arrived. The energy and happiness he radiates when talking about it is like being around a little boy! -- but it feels just as blindingly true for all that.

Suz showed me more pictures off her phone and sent me the ones I liked. Well, all I can say is, how lucky can a guy be to have such a wonderful friend as Deb, to create and run an extraordinary site like APK for years?I talked to Perry last week and asked him if he wanted APK to continue.With his successful kickstarter campaign completed, I know he's going to be ex TREMELY busy in 2015 with his baby 'The Divide'.Here's hoping that by the end of 2015 I will have in my hands a good, enjoyable movie about real people, struggling with real life problems. With lots of love, Perry""Here's a shot of Colin Firth playing my grandfather in Genius, also starring Jude Law as Thomas Wolfe.To his right is my niece once removed, Jane Owen, a publicist in LA and a Brit herself, and to his left is my cousin Max Owen, her father, a barrister in England (amazing family resemblance between Max and his grandfather, Max Perkins! The film is being shot in England, and they were visiting the set. I'd had it on a free server a year before this but today celebrates 14 years being in the same place. A lot of things happen in 14 years, some good, some bad, but it's been a HECK of a ride.I'm sorry for it, but I've dedicated 15 years of my life to APK and while I plan to continue, sometimes it just has to take a back seat.

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