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The result is a white-rendered addition, housing a new kitchen diner, that leads out through to a smartly landscaped garden.

“The homeowners wanted the garden to feel like part of the house, so we significantly redesigned and terraced the sloping site, and created a level threshold between the new kitchen diner and patio,” begins David.

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Extending to the side or rear of a semi-detached home can be a great means of adding floorspace, and making the most of the garden too — after all, many existing homes fail to take full advantage of the views or access to the patio and garden.

“Extending a semi is also a lot less onerous, particularly in planning terms, than extending a terrace where you have immediate neighbours either side, and there are a lot less constraints when it comes to the build,” adds James Munro, who designed the contemporary extension below.

A rear extension tends to provide more scope to introduce something a little different too; many of the projects included in this article have retained their traditional street-facing façades (often to appease planners), with a more modern extension built to the rear.

There are typically design challenges to address prior to extending though: Overlooking can be a big issue for the semi-detached home, and adding glazing to the side elevations of a new extension may simply not be an option (particularly if one wall abuts the boundary).

If possible, appoint one with with experience of dealing with the local planning authority.

When the owners of this Victorian semi-detached home in a Colchester Conservation Area wanted to replace a glazed lean-to with a single storey extension, and transform their sloping garden, they turned to architect David Nossiter to design a contemporary scheme.Whether you intend to extend or perhaps add a basement, or simply hope to update a semi-detached home, the starting point for any major project is a thorough look at the existing layout.As yourself these questions to help identify your needs for the space: “You don’t necessarily need to add a large extension or masses of space to achieve the home you want.The semi-detached home is the backbone of Britain’s housing stock, and a quintessential part of the streetscape in most villages, towns and cities.Our beloved ‘semis’ come in many guises — from the characterful bay windows so common to Victorian semi-detached properties, to the strong gables and rendered and mock timber-frame façades of 1930s builds, and brick-clad estate homes of the mid to late 20th century.So what do you need to consider when overhauling a semi-detached property, and more importantly, how do you overcome the challenges presented?

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