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Angie works hard to run her uncle's events business while her cousin Candace takes the credit.

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(Thanks to a lost glass slipper and godmother, too.)But, the thousand years that fall between the first version of Cinderella and 2015's live-action film have allowed for countless stories that have many striking similarities.

In almost all versions, our heroine is stripped of power by her stepmother and escapes only by marriage to a royal (minus the version where Cinderella kills her stepmother, straight up).

Such a superficial character- not really believable.

Also the first 30 minutes were very lively full of surprise, but then some parts got a bit slow and predictable.

See full summary » When unsuccessful actress Clarissa returns to her hometown for a wedding and tries to impress her old friends by claiming she's dating big time celebrity Chas Hunter, she suddenly finds ...

See full summary » An ambitious store manager of a renowned retail flagship store must enlist the help of a struggling, single-father handyman to help her realize her dream of managing the company's first international store.

Oh yes- Lesley-Anne Down with an English accent (we saw her 30 years ago as Madelaine on North and South mini-series)With all this good- why not a ten?

The cousin Candace part did not add to the story- it may have been good for a few laughs.

(If there's another word to describe talking mice, I'd like to hear it.) In fact, the versions we know now are based on pieces of a story that is relatively recent in the grand scheme of literature.

Charles Perrault's late 17th-century tale ) laid the groundwork for Disney's 1950 animated film, with both plots revolving around a young girl who, after being forced into servitude at the hands of her stepfamily, is ultimately rescued by a prince.

However, within the story, as one of the later details of the plot, this proposal was staged afterwards.

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