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Btw, you never answered my question about were you Punk Rock Lad...are you??Written on: 03/02/2014 No I'm not you dumbarse, he was admin the same time I was a mod.

The team of staff were dedicated volunteers and the majority of them tried their very best to make it a nice place to be.

The forums were great, the chat rooms were a nightmare, but we tried.

and fyi lethality I do not play Queen Bee as you say, the forum was set up as a safe haven until ukcbs hopeful was already in the making before ukcbs demise and the ukcb-extra was the exact same theme design of ukcbs!! I maybe a silly mare in your opinion lethality but I'm not a hacker like you are or cause websites or chat rooms to crash like you have.

Tbh lethality your opinions of me or ukcb are worthless, you're just a spoilt little boy who still needs to grow up.

The website crashes on a regular basis and I never seem to know why. Could be Windows, Flash Player (I've used Internet Explorer and Google Chrome). UKCB didn't crash much, so why UK Chatters crashes a lot is anyone's guess. Read Full Review Written on: 23/07/2014 This is a crappy site and the profiles were purchased en-masse as part of the chatroom software package - Google it yourself, many chat software providers offer you fake profiles as part of the bundle.

But the website was fine with Windows 7, but not with Windows 8.1. One of the co-owners set up a forum to go with the site, and then made a post about a certain religion, defending attacks on it.In all honesty I always expected UKCB to be resurrected, it had a large following and could have been a commercial goldmine.. It needed more prawn (think about it), especially involving sheep for the welsh, martian prawn (hmmm) for the Scotts and maybe an undertaker for those who just sat in the online list and never posted.Better still they could have had a sales forum for Filipino brides that could also offer short term leases for the over 65s. Read Full Review Uk Chatterbox used to be a fantastic site.he was experiencing many problems though and each solution seemed to throw up a bigger problem. Written on: 03/01/2014 It does seem that way now and even more so with the Google Group being closed. I still shower regularly though, every spring without fail. I am femaliscious Written on: 04/01/2014 I miss UK chat it was a great place, many others do as well, I wouldnt know this was here if it wasnt for LG. Good luck eversofoxy Great site to chat and pass time when it was up, made plenty of friends there, and was staff there. Of course you didn't do it all on your own, you had your friends helping you as well. I tell it exactly like it is, always have and always will..however sugarcoat what you say about ukcb when the real truth is you wanted ukcb gone, your lethality-me website made interesting reading and there was no praise or respect for ukcb in anything you said about it or the staff. Have a nice life with the knowledge that you have ruined a lot of ppls enjoyment of ukcb. Written on: 19/01/2014 So libellous :'( You know very little, you have proven this many times, of course I run sites, it's my job you silly mare lol.It is now some 9 months since I last heard anything from him so I must surmise that it is gone for good. : D Written on: 04/01/2014 lol @ the famous pipe and slippers : D You must miss ukcb even if some of the users were a pain...* looks angelic 0:) * ( this is what I replied before but it seems the reply has disappeared into never never land) You're never too old to give something a try Dragon : D Written on: 02/02/2014 OMG I have only take a chat break for i admit 4 yrs and UKCB is no more ? Thats really terrible, althought the chats have been too lol I dislike the Idea that I will never chat there again ... If possible try and come back, im sure people would flock back. It could've done with a much more active interest from the original founders, who just seemed to pass the running onto "network/operations managers" who had no idea of the internet, technical aspects of running sites or IRC, and whose purpose just seemed to be to keep it running. Well, you got what you wanted, ukcb has gone, are'nt you a clever little spoilt boy? " there was no praise or respect for ukcb in anything you said about it or the staff." Now who's lying?Use the tools below to refine your search by only displaying reviews with a certain number of star ratings or to only show reviews from a certain time period.

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