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But the important thing is to adapt to things, accept the change, trying to fight, move on with nature, with the flow and time. You might be lonely but tiger's got your back now, as a friend as anyone and we don't need labels we have special relation!! I enjoy reading, writing, cooking and listening to music. If I am online then please feel free to start a chat.

(^_^) Life is unpredictable like nature is, environment is, like a tiger is , so anything might happen, so I won't judge you for anything! The problem is I'm sure we can try to work it together, just our will is enough! I am a trained active listener and I like to support people struggling with any difficulty in life.

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” It baffled me at the time; I didn’t know what the word “cardigan” meant.

I started this interview by asking Goldie if she remembered the first time she met me, and she had a different memory.

I wasn't the only girl that it happened to, but I think I was ridiculous about it. She was short, and had dark hair and she was very tznius, the most tznius person in the whole school.

But before I got married, I fell in love with a girl in my school.

And this very tznius girl would open up her buttons, just one or two, and point at the area just below her collar bone and say, "It feels so good when you rub it." So I'd climb into the bed right behind her and put my arm over her shoulder and I'd rub that place, and all the time, I was dying. Her hair smelled so good, her shoulder, and she was right there, beneath my arm, and my hand was on her skin.

This went on for weeks, and each night, she fell asleep while I was rubbing her chest and I got up and went to my own bed.She held my hand and then, very quietly, she said, "Go lower." I wasn't sure what she meant, but then she unbuttoned two more buttons on her nightgown and she pulled my hand lower onto her chest, where you feel, instead of bone, softer skin. I was completely oismentsch (out of myself), but I also could feel every part of myself, as if my skin had grown new nerves on the old nerves. I didn't move my hand right away, and I couldn't breath either. The next day, she acted as if nothing had happened. I tried to give her food or little presents, but she wouldn't take anything from me. She opened her buttons, and took my hand, and put it where she wanted to be touched. She got very annoyed with this and used to tell me to stop it, to go find someone else to hang out with, but I couldn't stop.You have to understand: We were in a sleep-away seminary in Israel and we shared a room with a couple of other girls. She had a permanent headache and cough that made her weak, and at night, she would cough and cough and moan, and eventually, I would wake up and ask her what was wrong, and she would say that she felt sick and I would ask her what she wanted, what she needed, and every night she said the same thing: Please rub my chest.[public] created by Mommyand Twins Welcome all Frum guys and girls from around the world.

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