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Taylor was spotted out for the first time in months Saturday, carrying the back of her friend Abigail's wedding dress as they arrived at the church in Martha's Vineyard. We're told Tay's in a wine red dress like the rest of the bridesmaids, and the ceremony's going on right now. , "mainstream" media only refers to about 4 people as "hip hop moguls".

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It's been a crazy few weeks for Swift -- a victory in her butt groping case, a new song, and a reheated feud with Kanye -- but she still hadn't come out of hiding ... She was also a bridesmaid -- the maid of honor to be exact -- at her friend Britany's wedding in February 2016.

The war between Ray J and Princess Love over their little pooch, Boogati, just escalated ...

Today, I was accompanying a visitor from another company to my boss's office and on the way we had to side-step a half-eaten green lollipop (and its stick!

) in the middle of the floor - nice impression to make on guests, huh?

Irvin says the whole thing is a sad situation and he's praying for everyone -- both Zeke and his accuser.

Taylor Swift might not venture out in public very often these days, but she's proving she's just like the rest of us in one way -- she'll always show up for a friend's wedding.

Zeke also gave his side of the story while under oath ... The league suspended Elliott earlier this month after finding "substantial evidence" he engaged in physical violence against his then-girlfriend, Tiffany Thompson -- a claim the Cowboys superstar has adamantly denied.

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And sometimes Jermaine Dupri but he's damn near married to Janet so I just don't think this here applies to him. She broke away but the relative refused to give up the lure of the streets and quick cash. Our star would hook up with a muscle bound non-white action hero actor.

They would carry on a discreet sexual relationship until he caught her cheating.

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