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These types of analyses, not just across the Caribbean or the world, but across a specific population’s DNA, can have strong historical implications and at the same time help paint a new picture of world history.

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One thing Castro didn’t mention is what will happen with the population and its housing.

He only said that nobody would go unassisted, although there are thousands of families in shelters still waiting for a place to live from previous hurricanes and collapsing buildings.

He taught us with his unwavering faith in victory and his firm will that impossibilities don’t exist.

Hurricane Irma, with its destructive forces, attacked our Island for over 72 hours, since the morning of September 8th until Sunday afternoon.

“They will be rebuilt before the start of the high season (December-April),” promised Castro, in an effort to put a positive spin on the events before the full damage report has been completed.

Most of the hotels are owned all or part by the Cuban army’s GAESA business group and are managed by foreign hotel chains.The following is our translation of the complete statement issued late Sunday by Raul Castro.Let’s face this task of recovery with the Cuban Revolution’s Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro’s example.Analysis of the Y Chromosome DNA found that no Puerto Rican men (0%) carried indigenous paternal lineages, while more than 80% were West Eurasian (or European).This leads us to conclude that the Y chromosomes (inherited strictly paternally) of Tainos were completely lost in Puerto Rico, whereas the mitochondrial DNA (inherited strictly maternally) survived long and well.It also would necessitate the complete decimation of indigenous men (but not women), to account for those numbers.

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