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Exe’s screen takes over the film, and Williams stealthily moves across continents through a computer terminal, the film continuing to sidle up with more young people struggling to find purpose in lives despite their soul-draining occupations.

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Still, Williams is a gifted director who only has better films in front of him; he appears to be a guy with a concise vision making exactly what he wants to make.

Which might be why The Human Surge can’t quite connect: Williams only made this for himself.

Williams’ camera follows passively, with no real imperative to hold the audience captive to any narrative or to offer anything all that interesting to look at.

A scene of an unexplained gathering inside a tree trunk where Exe’s Millennial friends say weird koan shit like “in the future the noise level of the food court will be accepted as silence” and a scene of a group of Exe’s Millennial guy friends half-assing a web cam sex show to make some quick money carry equal visual weight and relevance.

In that sense, a documentary/fever dream aesthetic takes over early, in which a young man, Exe (Sergio Morisini), wades casually through a flooded thoroughfare, talking on the phone to his supposed employer while bystanders look directly into the camera as it passes, wondering what’s supposed to be going on.

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